Air travel can be very demanding on your body. In addition to sometimes unavoidable nervous tension, a variety of physical and mental stresses can be triggered by changes in air pressure, dry atmosphere, flight turbulence and any anxieties you may have. If you are crossing several time zones, your body also has to cope with additional biological and psychological stress factors.

The body is able to cope with these stresses far better if it has an adequate intake of necessary vitamins. Maintaining a balanced diet in-flight can help this, but it cannot always guarantee that your vitamin intake matches your body's needs, especially when under stress. A loss of appetite, missed meals during travel or an unbalanced diet can cause a deficiency in one or more of the vitamins your body needs. Some essential vitamins are stored by the body and there is no need for a constant intake; however others, such as vitamin B1 are used up within two hours after eating. Therefore the body requires a constant supply of vitamins.

Taking a Jet Ease tablet at regular intervals supplies your body not only with those vitamins which are eliminated rapidly. Jet Ease tablets also contain additional vitamins which help protect the body's cells against the increased accumulation of unwanted metabolic products associated with the stresses of travel. In this process these vitamins are used up. This in turn increases the body's need of the vitamins provided by Jet Ease.

With this combined action, Jet Ease can help you feel better and cope with flight stresses during and after a long distance flight.

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